Natural basic formula. Restores and maintains the antioxidant balance. For animals that are ill or have just recovered from an illness, in combination with their conventional medicine. The formation of free radicals and the activity of endogenous antioxidants are at their peak during these processes, which conditions the animals´ capacity of recovery.

Intake: Dose: for cats and dogs, according to their weight: Weighing 1-10 kg: 1/4 tablet. 2 times/day. Weighing 10-20 kg: 1/2 tablet. 2 times/day. Weighing 20-30 kg: 1 tablet. 2 times/day. Weighing 30 +: 1 tablet. 3 times/day.


Presentation: Bottle of 30 or 90 units. 30 c. C: 210000    90 c. C: 210001

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