Helps heart function in chronic heart failure

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Dietary supplement that supports heart function in cases of chronic heart failure. D-Ribose contributes to synthetize sufficient amounts of ATP, DNA and RNA to repair cellular damage caused by heart failure. Studies on Cardio-R-Vet show beneficial effects on the dogs’ quality of life: it increases recovery and mobility and reduces fatigue. Other observed effects are increased weight, appetite and manifestation of joy.

Composition: D-Ribose, L-carnitine L-tartrate, Co-enzyme Q10, Excipients q.s.

Indications: hypertrophic or decompensated dilated cardiopathy, congestive heart failure.

• Small animals: 1 measuring spoon of 1.25 ml /3 kg of body weight, twice a day.
• Medium and large animals: 1 measuring spoon of 5 ml / 15 kg o f body weight, twice a day.

C210033: 60 g container (incl. 1.25 ml measuring spoon)
C210032: 250 g container (incl. 5 ml measuring spoon)

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