Lotion for the protection and care of dog pads

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Tanning lotion for pads. CurtiVet is a especially indicated for dogs that are highly active, subject to heavy exercise or that walk on abrasive or challenging surfaces, like asphalt or snow.  It is also indicated for dogs with sensitive or injured pads.

CurtiVet is now formulated with Urea and MSM, two keratolytic agents that are key for skin maintenance. Its components help to strengthen keratin, prevent irritation and increase abrasion resistance. It does not stain clothes, skin or furniture, it is easy to use and it dries quickly.

Glycerin, Urea, MSM, Centella extract, Aloe vera extract, Thyme extract, Excipients q.s.

Instructions for use:
Spray directly onto the paw area. Preventive maintenance: daily, starting from three weeks before the high activity season. During the season: use once every three days. In irritated paws: use daily for two weeks.

C150124: 125 ml spray bottle

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