Advanced natural care of the oral and dental health of dogs and cats


DentiVet Tooth Gel takes care of your pet’s daily oral hygiene. Its formula, that contains natural ingredients, helps to clean the teeth and to avoid the formation of tartar and plaque, keeping a fresh breath and a complete oral protection.

Advanced natural protection:
DentiVet Tooth Gel contains MicroSilver BG, a high-quality natural active ingredient obtained through a unique process patented in Germany. MicroSilver BG contains extremely pure silver metallic particles. Their highly porous nature allows them to cling to the oral mucosa, from where silver ions are released gradually. Thanks to this feature, the teeth and gums remain protected for hours.

MicroSilver BG is effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms, even at low concentrations, therefore fighting the pathogens that cause tartar and plaque. Its mucoadherent effect produces a protective film on the swollen or damaged gums, where the natural regeneration mechanisms are promoted.

DentiVet Tooth Gel also contains grapefruit seed extract, an ingredient that is rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Grapefruit helps to fight the pathogens that cause tartar and plaque without affecting the natural flora present in the mouth. It also supports the synthesis of collagen, encouraging the regeneration of the gums so they are strong and healthy. Due to its high efficacy and tolerance threshold it is a key ingredient for the oral health of cats and dogs.

How to use:
DentiVet Tooth Gel is applied comfortably and easily with the help of a cannula, and there is no need for brushing the teeth. It acts immediately, promoting the comprehensive health of gums and teeth.

Amount per application:
Apply on each side of the mouth:
– Cats: 0.5 cm gel
– Dogs until 10 kg: 1 cm gel
– Dogs 10-20 kg: 2 cm gel
– Dogs 20-30 kg: 3 cm gel
– Dogs > 30 kg: 4 cm gel

Period of use:

  • In case of oral and dental conditions:
    During the first 2 months, apply the gel twice a day. It is recommendable to carry out the second application in the evening, after dinner, so that DentiVet Tooth Gel acts all night long.
  • Maintenance:
    From the third month onwards, if the oral and dental health have improved, you can apply DentiVet Tooth Gel once a day, in the evening, after dinner.
  • Dental procedures:
    Apply DentiVet Tooth Gel twice a day, starting a week before the procedure, and continue applying it for a week after the procedure.

In order to keep the product in the mouth for longer, it is preferable to avoid that your pet consumes water or food after the application.

MicroSilver BGTM, Grapefruit seed extract, Glycerine, Water, Polyglyceryl-4-caprate, Carbomer, Potassium sorbate, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium phosphate.

Net content: 50 ml

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