Adjuvant shampoo in Atopic dermatitis and pruritus



The Dermovital Shampoo is thought for animals with atopic dermatitis and pruritus of unknown origin, being formulated specifically as a reliever shampoo. A fundamental part in the treatment of the dermic problems is the shampoo therapy. The main indications, based on natural products, are: cutaneous restructuration, diminishment of the allergenic charge, antipruritic effect and hydration.

The formulation of the Dermovital shampoo contains:

Aloe Vera extract: It penetrates the skin easily and has potent antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties, thus relieving the itching of the skin. It favours normal cellular growth, accelerating the wound healing process, it hydrates the tissues and it has antipyretic properties. It also has antimicrobial properties, which helps to prevent secondary infections.

Oats extract: Highly recommendable as a complement of dermatological therapies and for prevention in the case of hypersensitive and atopic skin. Their particles absorb the dirt and the allergens, respecting and taking care of the cutaneous structure. Since it is composed by lipids and water-absorbent substances, it prevents from skin dehydration and keeps a protective barrier, having a hydrating and emollient action upon the skin. It relieves skin irritations of allergic origin or others, as well as the pruritus.

Betula alba extract: One of its principal components is betulin. It is a heteroside with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, suitable for the prevention of hair loss. These characteristics make it an excellent substance for the treatment of the skin.

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