Sunscreen for cats and dogs


Nobody questions that we, humans, need to protect our skin against the sun, but did you know that solar radiation also affects cats and dogs? Although their hair provides them a certain degree of protection, some areas are vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun, especially the areas with little hair, such as the ears, belly, armpits and nose.

The sunscreen lotion HelioVet by Stangest provides a very high protection (SPF50+) against the four solar radiations, including UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light rays. Its formula includes our naturally occurring patented extract Fernblock®, that together with green tea, phytosphingosine and plankton block sun damage and promote the regeneration of the skin barrier, leaving the skin moisturised and protected.

HelioVet’s fluid formula is quickly absorbed by the skin, it does not leave a white residue, and allows the skin to perspire, this facilitating their application on pets. Therefore, cats and dogs can enjoy their daily activities calmly and with the highest photoprotection.

When to use HelioVet?

  • Cats and dogs exposed to the direct action of the sun: balconies, windows, patios or gardens.
  • During outdoor activities: walks in the town or the field, mountain, beach, snow, while practising sports, water activities, etc.
  • Especially interesting (but not limited to) for short-haired, white-haired and close-cropped cats and dogs.
  • Animals with skin problems that leave skin areas exposed to the sun: alopecia, allergies, dermatitis, scars…
  • Animals that are being treated with photosensitising drugs: certain NSAIDs, antibiotics, diuretics or antifungals.


  • It provides a very high sun protection (SPF50+) that is effective against UVA, UVB and infrared rays, and visible light.
  • Neutralisation and repair of the sun damage
  • Regeneration of the skin barrier
  • Exclusive formula containing Fernblock®
  • Non-oily ultralight texture with quick absorption
  • Water-resistant

Directions for use: Apply HelioVet generously on the areas exposed to the sun: nose, ears, belly, armpits, etc. Reapply frequently. After prolonged baths, it is recommendable to reapply the products.

Packaging: 50-ml container.

HelioVet, with Cantabria Labs’ technology and guarantee
Stangest is a division of Cantabria Labs, a leader company in dermatological prescriptions present in more than 80 countries. The photoprotective technology of Cantabria Labs has an ample scientific support, with more than 50 articles published in prestigious national and international journals that have shown a high photoprotective efficacy and prevention of sun damage.

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