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Shampoo specially indicated for the treatment of Seborreas

Dermosel shampoo contains MSM as a source of organic sulphur, with keratolytic and keratoplastic activity, softening the excessively keraticinated tissues and thus allowing their elimination. It also regulates the sebaceous glands diminishing the microenvironmental conditions that favour the development of yeast and fungi, therefore being very effective against Malassezia secondary infections. Moreover, it favours follicular drainage, thus helping to eliminate bacteria (ideal as an adjuvant in the ant­i-infectious treatment).

Dermosel shampoo also contains Salix albaa natural substance that has been known for years, whose keratoplastic properties help to restore the epidermis and add up to the properties of MSM. Besides, Salix alba has a potent degreasing and antipruritic effect, meaning that it acts as a regulator of the oiliness of the skin, favours the regeneration of the stratum corneum and normalises a defective keratinization.

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