Insecticide and larvicide total release aerosol for househol use



Insecticide, larvicide and ovacide aimed at controlling both flying and crawling insect pests. It eliminates fleas, ticks and other insects in all the stages of the cycle. Total release aerosol with new generation ingredients and minimum residual effects for people and pets. One can per 80 m2 surface.

Ingredients: D-trans-tetramethrin: 0.25%, Cyphenothrin: 0.40%, Pyriproxyfen: 0.01%, Excipients q.s.

Instructions for use: Place the aerosol in the center of the area to be treated. Actuate the valve, leaving the can in a vertical position. Keep the treated area closed for 2-3 hours. Before reoccupying, open all doors and windows and allow the area to ventilate for 8 – 12 h.

Presentation: 150 ml can

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