¡New! Repellent spray with odor destroyer


Stanvet Life is a new range of mosquito, flea and tick repellents. It has an exclusive formula with 4 extracts of vegetable origin (geraniol, margosa or neem, citriodiol and lavender) that respect the health of the pet. Thanks to its composition, can be used in puppies from 2 months or 0.8 kg, dogs with sensitive skin or allergies, older dogs, environments with children, etc. It does not contain synthetic insecticides, PVC, halogens or heavy metals.


  • Ideal for the pet and its environment.
  • With 5 essential oils to repel fleas, ticks and other insects.
  • The ZerOdor technology eliminates, not masks, odor molecules.

Directions for use:

  • On animals:
    Spray several times on the neck and the back of the animal, shielding its eyes and ears. Repeat the application every day, preferably before going for a walk. In regions or during the seasons with a greater presence of insects it can be applied twice a day. For a maximum protection, combine it with the Stanvet collar and pipettes.
  • In the surroundings:
    Spray on your pet’s favourite places: blanket, sofa, bed, house, carpet, etc. Apply as much as needed. In case of delicate fabrics, carry out a test on a barely visible area.

C:170520 500-ml spray bottle

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