Support of liver function in cases of chronic liver failure

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The liver is one of the main metabolite excretion organs. It is a demanding process that requires multiple enzymes acting coordinately in the liver detoxification. During this process, oxidative stress is generated that must be completely neutralised with antioxidants to avoid tissue lesions.

Hepa-T-Detox is formulated with ingredients that favour the production of key antioxidants to neutralise this oxidative stress in the liver. In addition, it provides nutrients that ensure a correct functioning of phases 1 and 2 and the liver detoxification.

Milk thistle extract: 100 mg, Artichoke extract: 150 mg, Glycine: 50 mg, Methionine: 25 mg, Powdered borage oil: 25 mg, Sodium ascorbate (vit. C): 20 mg, Folic acid (vit. B9): 200 μg, Lipoic acid: 10 mg.

It can be used as a nutritional supplement in cases of:

  • Chronic liver failure
  • Acute liver diseases
  • Polymedicated animals
  • Senior animals

1 tablet for every 10 kg of body weight 2 times a day.

60-tablet container and 300-tablet container or clinical blister pack.


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