HighlightsInsecticides and repellents

Insect repellents for dogs. Naturally effective

Repels fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Unique formulation based on 4 components of plant origin, to maximally respect the pets’ health.

Thanks to its composition, it is suitable for puppies older than 2 months or more than 0.8 kg, allergic or elder dogs, skin sensitivities, setting with kids, etc.


• New technology based on polymer: provides continuous and uniform release of active ingredients.
• Up to 4 months of protection.
• Waterproof: the efficacy is not reduced in contact to water.
• Neutralizes bad odor and releases a pleasant odor.
• Free from chemical insecticides, heavy metals, PVC or halogens.
• Presentation: individual boxes in a 12-unit display box

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