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Nutritional supplement with AM3, Betacarotene and functional ingredients that reinforce and optimize the balanced response of the immune system.

Immunoferon Vet is an immunomodulatory nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that favors an effective and balanced action of the immune system. Thanks to its exclusive formula based on Cantabria Labs Technology, AM3, together with Beta-carotene, Quinoa B-Complex, Echinacea, minerals and amino acids, is capable of modulating the different immune pathways and coordinating their action, helping the immune system is ready to develop an effective, balanced and appropriate response to each situation.


AM3 Technology

AM3 is a compound of natural origin patented by Cantabria Labs, consisting of an alpha-glucomannan from the Candida utilis yeast associated with a vegetable protein. Through a multitude of scientific studies, it has been shown that AM3 is an effective immunomodulator, that is, it regulates the response of the immune system to reposition it within the homeostatic range (in balance).

AM3 is a naturally occurring exogenous immunomodulator that promotes the homeostasis of the immune system, both in situations of excess activity and incompetence.

AM3 is the key component of the human nutritional supplement Immunoferon®, which has been on the market for more than 30 years and has 59 scientific publications on its benefits. Discover more on the Cantabria Labs website.

Composition per tablet 2 g):
Mineral substances, co-products of vegetable origin, Brewer’s yeast, Germinated quinoa: 100 mg, Coconut medium chain triglycerides, α-glucomannan from the yeast Candida utilis associated with extracts of vegetable proteins: 14.28 mg, Sunflower oil.

Additives per tablet (2 g):

Beta-carotene (3a160(a)): 50mg

Trace elements:
Zinc (Zinc chelate of hydrated amino acids) (3b606): 10 mg
Manganese (Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate) (3b503): 832 µg

Amino acids:
L-Arginine (3c361): 50mg

Glycine (2b17034): 100mg
Echinacea extract (E. purpurea): 100 mg

Alpha-tocopherol (1b307): 20mg

Analytical Components:
Crude protein 23.2%, Crude ash 32.4%, Crude fiber 8.28%, Crude fat 5.13%.

1 tablet per 20 kg of weight per day

– Package of 30 tablets of 2 g
– Clinical package of 96 2 g tablets in blister

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