Nutritional Supplement

Malt. Intestinal regulator for cats and dogs

Malta Stangest is a complementary feed with ingredients that promote a correct digestive function and supplements the nutrition of dogs and cats, constituting a healthy and effective treat.
It is ideal for preventing and eliminating hairballs.

Barley malt extract (40%), vaseline, glycerol, dried brewer’s yeast.

Emulsifiers: (1c322i) Lecithins
Preservatives: (E 202) Potassium sorbate

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 3%, crude fat: 35.3%, crude fibers: 0.5%, crude ash: 0.9%.

Instructions for use:
To prevent hairballs:
– Small cats: 2 cm once a week
– Adult cats: 4 cm twice a week
– Dogs <15 kg: 4 cm once a week
– Dogs> 15 kg: 4 cm twice a week

To remove hairballs:
– Small cats: 2 cm per day for 3 days
– Adult cats: 4 cm twice a day for 3 days

It can be given from the first molt. 1 g equals approximately 2 cm of pasta.

C160209: 100-g tube

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