Nutritional Supplement

Nutritional support for lower urinary tract conditions that occur with infections and bladder stones

Palatable paste indicated for urinary tract infections, idiopathic cystitis and bladder stones. Its ingredients maintain and regenerate the protective glycosaminoglycan layer of the bladder. It contributes to reduce the recurrent, chronic and antibiotic-resistant infections of the urinary tract. Its components hinder the adhesion and accumulation of pathogens inside the bladder. It has diuretic and antilithiatic properties.

Composition per gram: Fish oil (omega 3 essential fatty acids), Glucosamine, European blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), Ortosiphon stamineusAgropyrum repens (couch-grass), Lepidium sativumLespedeza capitata, Sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C), Excipients q.s.

Indications: urinary tract infections, idiopathic cystitis and bladder stones.

Administration: 2 g per 10 kg of body weight, twice a day.

Presentation: C210090: 100 g tube

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