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Relax from nature

What is it indicated for?

It is convenient in situations such as:
• Separation from the dam
• Training
• Visits to the veterinary clinic
• Loud noises, firecrackers
• Trips and relocations
• Stays in kennels
• Arrival of a new pet
• Periods of time when the dog must be on its own at home

There are many factors that can alter a dog’s behaviour: changes in the environment, the introduction of new pets or people in its territory, unexpected loud noises. Also, depending on the animal’s nature and the situations it has experienced previously, each dog can exhibit this in a different way, whether scratching, barking, hiding or even shaking or drooling.

The Zen Collar by natural Stanvet helps to reduce the behaviour problems derived from stressful situations in a natural way.

  • Aromatherapy: 3 relaxing natural essences
    The collar contains essential oils from three plants (valerian, passiflora and camomile) that keep the dog with a sensation of calmness, serenity and relaxation.
  • Quick efficacy and long duration
    Thanks to its exclusive technology with sustained-release polymer, the effects of the Zen Collar are seen after 1 hour and up to 8 weeks later.
  • Suitable for the most active dogs
    The Zen Collar has a safety clasp to keep the dog from losing it.
  • Waterproof
    There’s no need to take it off to bathe the dog, the collar is effective even if it gets wet.

Sustained-release polymer collar with valerian, passiflora and camomile essential oils.

Directions for use:
Place the collar around the dog’s neck, monitoring that it is not too tight. For an optimum efficacy it is important that the collar remains near the skin. Wash hands after use. The collar is water-resistant, and there’s no need to take it off to bathe the dog. It can be used in dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Do not use in cats.

Some problems, such as dogs that relieve themselves indoors, hyperactivity, excessive barking, etc., can be
caused by the lack of training, health problems or even boredom. Check with a professional to evaluate the dog’s situation and to choose the best solution.

A 60-cm collar in a single unit package.

For severe anxiety disorders, it can be combined with Zen Tablets or CroniCare.

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